Wearing Backpacks Riding Is Stupid

comments . . 06/02/2018

Pull your head in.

Anyway, watched these final highlights videos and had a few thoughts.

– Ok, so firstly, I’m always surprised when the finals are packed with a tonne of wack ass sounding dudes who I’ve never heard of, absolutely destroying. Where did you fools come from?

– Sick to see dudes with a bit of style and grace up in the mix, namely Edgar and Peraza


– Footjam to tailwhip at 2.27 seemed to slip on by without much notice. Same with that dude at 3.00 who did the bar super whip air thing. Crazy

– The biggest travesty was Kevin Peraza coming in 7th. He fucking 3 tabled from the roof, and HOW DID HE NOT DIE OFF THAT FIRST ATTEMPT. Plus he did a bunch of other wild tech shit, and the supermegapoxy dog shit. Ripped off

– Daniel Dhers, stop

– Sorry to the dude that won, I just can’t work out how that happened. Seemed like he did the same old standard box jump shit without any kind of pizzazz

– Who got with the toey girls on the thumbnail?

– Ok, so overall, most of this was pretty standard shit, didn’t get very excited. I did however get toey when Reed Stark was riding, dude went fast as hell, used parts of the place not just the rail/driveway setup and did some super crazy shit. How he didn’t place higher I don’t know. Maybe he got penalised for his silly pants

– I’ve never seen Anthony Perrin smile. Must be a french thing

– Actually, Justin Spriet did some sick shit, with a bit of gas

– So everyone is trying to be like Simone, and I kinda get that. Swag

– Bruno rode good, deserved his spot

– Garrett rode standard as hell, which is obviously still crazy, but didn’t really seem to stand out to me. Looked like he was just cruising at the local, which is a good thing. Must be good to be Garrett

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