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The scene in Brisbane seems to be poppin’ of late, crews galore anyway, a lot of which are quite busy hustling shit like full length videos. One such crew is the CLVLND dudes, meaning Cleveland – an eastern suburb of Brisbane, the boys have been around for ages, but lately have been more and more prolific. Having worked on this latest video project, ‘Ah Well’ since the release of their first project, which was at least a few years ago now, things are getting to the pointy end and the toey vibes are in full swing. It’s been awesome spending more time with these guys lately, we share similar values and interests in a lot of aspects so it’s cool to expand the friendship horizon.

Anyway, I though it would be cool to talk with ringleader Tim Storey about the project, to find out a little more about what has been involved in the making and what we can expect to see when ‘Ah Well’ drops later this year. Also, big shouts to Tim for letting us premiere the below promo for the video.

Read on.

Ay man how’s it going, what have you been up to lately?

Things are going good, currently sitting at uni procrastinating over an assignment so this is perfect. As far as late it’s been much the same as what you could imagine – riding as much as possible, sweeping the floor at work for 8 hours a day and filming/ editing this damn dvd that doesn’t seem to finish. But things are very close so it’s almost time to get a couple (too many) beers and enjoy it with everyone. Other than that, just a lot of uni work.

You have been fairly busy of late, travelling to Adelaide and more recently, 6 weeks in America. What has that experience been like?

I feel like I am always busy, but I assume thats a subconscious thing I put myself into. If i didn’t want to be busy I would sit on the couch and do nothing all day. But yeah the last few trips have been sick, and with ACT Jam looming, the toey levels are starting to warm up a little.

Adelaide was cool, we went down for that monster bike day thing. To be honest the road trip is always was sicker then the event. Nothing better then being on the road with all your dudes seeing Australia, we are pretty blessed in this country. Adelaide its self was interesting, I hadn’t been before so that was cool to see. The rain played a little havoc while we were there but it was still a sick time and thanks to the dudes that put that day on.

America was a blast. I have been a few times before but for the dudes that came it was their first time and it was all our virgin rides in the RV. It was an interesting mix of guys, I hadn’t been on trips with most of them before and one dude from Melbourne I had only met twice so that was sick. It consisted of Dylan Steinhardt, Ben Connolly, Denby Chandler, Patrick Johns, James (Jimma) Pease and my brother came on the second half of the trip. Missing was Mason Ainsworth due to his inability to read the visa form which resulted in a fucked up turn of events whereby he ended up not being aloud into the country. He spent his holiday in Barcelona and briefly Hong Kong, so things could have been worse for sure. As usual when tripping things get heated and some times minds don’t meet but this trip was cool, couple of moments with the police that could have gone bad but on all accounts things went good and the riding was plentiful. We covered a ridiculous amount of kilometres seeing Vegas, Salt Lake city, Portland, San Fran, SD and everywhere in between. That country has a lot of issues but spots isn’t one of them. Thanks to all the dudes that accommodated us while we were there and thanks to Jimma for spewing on his face after having a couple too many beers ;)   


Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 8.27.34 pm

 So tell us about this new video project you have been working on, ‘Ah Well’?

So the idea for the dvd was pretty much an extension of the last one which if you haven’t seen hit me up. I liked when Cooper used to do a free dvd through Focal Point, it was something to look forward to when I was younger and to me it seems like what the scene around me was missing. Theres no better feeling then getting kids stoked on riding and that was the motivation for the most part. Other then that prems are a good excuse to hang out with people and filming a dvd is a good reason to get out of the house and go new places. Brisbane has seen some sick dvds in the past so it was cool to be able to contribute to this. I feel like right now the brissy scene is going again and I love it.

This dvd is featuring full sections from Dylan Steinhardt, Mason Ainsworth, Jimma, Tiny, Ben Connolly thats split with a friends mix and myself, then I have a mix of Raph, Macca, Alex, Boyd and my brother. Plus there are clips from some Melbourne crew, Nick Harris which is always a treat, then dudes from all over that I have met along the way.

The name AH WELL came from a trip we took to Spain, I can’t exactly remember what was going on but if you have ever proved to your father that he was right and your in the wrong you have probably heard the term Ah Well, we found this funny and the word stuck. When thinking of name it was pretty obvious to me that this would be it.



Anything strange happen throughout the filming process? What is one story that comes to mind?

Mason not getting let into America was a highlight. Plenty of sick shit has happened but I think the one that stands out in my mind would be 2 things in particular. One in Barcelona, we walked to the top of a mountain and there was a busker that was completely insane / extremely good at acting insane. He played guitar and didn’t really sing, more-so screamed and spun around dancing and having a sweet time. The Barcelona video went online but youtube pulled the songs so it will be a bonus in the dvd.

Secondly we met this dude that sounds like crazy Steve (from Mike Nolan). He was homeless and lived in Dicky Beach (Sunshine Coast). He came and hung out with us one day when we were up there for the weekend, we had just had a surf and rolled up, he came over at the aroma in the air. He was interested in hitting the joint but we decided that the dude might have a few issues in the dental area so gave him a good hit toward the end. He then played us the entire song hurricane which was sick and then proceeded to drink wine with us and hang out for the afternoon. When the second joint got rolled he once again lined up and wasn’t happy with getting the end. He lost his mind packed all his shit and took off only to realise he might have over reacted and came back to apologise and hang out. If any one is interested in meeting crazy Steve (his name is Steve) he’s still there and patrols the car park at Dicky Beach. 

It’s been a few years since your last release, simply titled the CLVLND DVD. What has changed since that time with your riding/crew and how do the two videos compare?

The crew has changed a lot. When the first one was released the crew was all comprised of Cleveland skatepark affiliates. Life goes on and people buy drift cars and quit riding. So this video has only Dylan, Mason, Chris Storey and myself that have stayed with it. It’s a shame but at the same time it makes for a better watch because the sections are made of people that actually want to be there. Mason moved in with Raph and Jerry so that has influenced the spots/people/idea’s of the video, which has been sick. Hanging out on that side of town has been great.

As far as quality of riding I feel like people have really stepped it up and put more into this video. I also feel I took a little back step on my section and focussed more on filming the boys which was cool to do. Dylan’s section is a song dedicated to tyre rides, followed by another insane section of riding. He’s on one at the moment and it’s sick seeing some one thats young super keen to ride good size rail set ups. Mason’s section has been a long time coming, his first was coming of the back of knee surgery so he couldn’t put in. This time he has really sought out the spots he’s been into and has got stuff he’s really been into which has been awesome to watch. The other dudes I hadn’t really filmed with before so it’s been sick figuring out how everyone works and what get’s them stoked. I tend to be an asshole when filming people and can some times push people into things they might not have thought about/wanted to do but I think it has paid off. I’m excited to get this one out.     



What is your train of thought with editing and how do you envision the video being received by your audience?

Editing is where I fall down for sure, I much prefer to film. I just suck with learning how to use programs. This one I have tried to take my time a little more and started it a few months ago rather then doing it all at once. I think this process has been more organic this time and things have fallen into place a little easier. Personally I’m not overly into super over edited videos anyway so I guess this kinda represents that aspect of my thoughts.

As far as how I see people receiving this video I just hope it’s watched. We have had so many good times making this thing and I hope it gets people out filming/riding and putting out more local content. Nothing is better then watching a video full of your friends and spots that are local. I am doing this one for free again so there is no reason why people shouldn’t watch it. Hopefully everyone that see’s it likes what they are consuming.

You’re still studying at university, working part time and putting in time on a full-length video. How do you manage your time?

Yeah I do uni 3 days a week, work 3 days a week, ride 3-4 days a week and try to film so things some times get a little hectic. I tell this to my friends but get a year planner and put it on your wall. My wall planner is full of everything whether it be uni/work/riding related it’s on there. This way I don’t forget shit and get more done. It really helps me to manage my time.



How did you guys become friends with Jimmy and what is that dude like?

We met Jimmy a few months ago in Melbourne (his home town) he was super keen to ride and came out with a group of us to ride the city. He hit us up the whole time we were there, showed us around and let us stay at his. He is a sick kid and super keen to ride. He has a style I would compare with ‘Ratkid’  and loves have to have a good time.

He got on with everyone so much after meeting him that first time that we asked him to come to the states. He didn’t know us from a bar of soap, but I guess the beauty of BMX is that you don’t need to know some one to well to jump into a bus with 5 strangers and go to a country you have never been. Since then he has been to Brisbane and hung out and is planning on coming up for the prem which is sick.

When can we expect ‘Ah Well’ to be released and what are your plans for the release?

I was going to have it released around now, but Dylan decided he wanted to go to Thailand for 3 months to get rub and tugs and indulge in the culture so I am aiming for a weekend after he is home around a month or so away. As far as a release I haven’t put too much thought into it. A local BMX store would be cool, but I need to go and chat with people first before organising it. 

Last words?

Cheers for the interview Mike, thanks to all the boys that have put in for this one. Thanks to everyone that supports me on my journey to continue to ride kids bikes. BMX is sick and hopefully we all continue to do it.

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