Very Well Done: Austin Augie

comments . . 18/09/2017
Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 8.25.39 pm

Austin, what are you doing man? Your cooked from bloody filming your mug for 18 months straight and to give yourself a break, you head out into the ocean on a boat, solo, and god damn film yourself.

There is definitely a thing where quality reigns over quantity, the legends know about it, your Garrett Byrnes, your Josh Heino, your Josh Stricker. The more you put out, the less exciting and fresh your footage is, even if it’s just you on a boat, or you drinking coffee. It starts to build up mannnn.

Maybe just do something for you, no one else has to know. Just a thought, or hell, just film riding.

Maybe this guy had enough of your videos too.

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