Vauxy Ya Dog

comments . . 16/10/2018

Good shit my brother.

Everyone in Brisbane knows who Vauxy is, he’s the dude that is always out and about at every jam/premiere/party, always in a good mood, always easygoing and consistently shredding harder and harder.

Dude also loves a hock of pork. I’m into that.

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 6.24.06 pm

Ain’t a damn bad thing to say about Vauxy.¬†

This is another piece in the Vauxy puzzle, and as you have come to love, feature a series of weird and wonderful, as well as some  seriously tech shit. I love seeing a Vauxy whip, the fucking feet find those pedals like Team Weed to a Kriss Kyle instagram post.

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