Submission: Valentin Seuss

comments . . 28/02/2018

Ya, cheeky as fuck little inbox find from my German mate Val just recently. Dude shot me through a link to a recently completed full length DVD showcasing a bunch of dudes from Bavarian Germany. Can’t beat a crew/scene DVD.

As all European videos do, this is an endless ‘fuck me’ of crazy looking spots, some Deadline influenced editing and seriously sick riding. Cool to see all the dudes in the background of clips supporting each other. Good vibes.


This is what Val had to say about the whole project.

So around three years ago I made the plan to film a full part video in our local area. The Deadline video had dropped before and that was/still is a big inspiration for me. What I like most about that video (apart from everyone being sick as bike riders) is how it was put together. You feel like getting to know everyone in the crew as well as experiencing a development in everyone’s riding and person. The video tells a story and that’s sick!

I never thought it’d take that long to film a full part video. As it is though it often was kinda hard to get everyone motivated to ride street since we have some pretty good street plaza skateparks in our hometowns Nürnberg, Fürth and Erlangen (Bavaria, Germany).

Also: Even if we were basically always the same group of people that rode together we didn’t have a crew name yet, which made it hard to organize us and stick together as a team. So I often had the feeling the whole video was never going to happen. That’s how our crew name ‘CANCELLED.’ came about in 2016.

After I moved to Hannover (five hours north) we could only film when I was visiting my parents since I was the guy with the camera. Surprisingly that helped a lot with motivation and everyone was trying to get clips everytime I was in town. I want to thank everyone in the crew for all good times: Artur, Andre, Schaller, Fix, Timmy, Schoberth, Kess, Luca, Jo and Dennis (who didn’t get one clip due to injury but still went out to motivate me to do that Icepick). Special thanks go out to Konstantin for letting me borrow his fisheye for three years straight! I’ll give it back soon, I promise.


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