Submission: Alex Veenbaas

comments . . 05/06/2017
Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 7.25.09 pm

Heya, frequent Crispy submitter Alex Veenbaas hit me up again recently with this rad little cut, features what I can tell to be perhaps 3 different fellas riding bikes in rural NSW/VIC with some familiar Canberra spots in there too.

From watching the last video these dudes put out, it’s pretty clear that the rail wizardry is getting more and more dialled, especially that last feeble. Pretty man sized, love old mates reaction, kind of looks like he is trying to poop a little, while also looking very relieved that feeble dude didn’t go ass over tits.

Chiller song too, not a bad choice for a short edit.

Looks like the crew are currently overseas, keep up with their movements on the social of choice.

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