Submission: Alex Veenbaas

comments . . 15/11/2017

Heya. These couple young lads have been sending in videos to Crispy over the years, which is dope, and most recently have taken some time off to work and live in Canada as part of the ski season. So right before the winter sets and the biking shuts down, the dudes made this and shot it through.

Good vibes, cruisy ass song set to a couple minutes worth of street and park with a sprinkling of dirt. Gives me the feeling of being much younger combined with the simplicity of the BMX, mates and travel combo. Like a chicken dinner, an absolute winner.

You know what the sickest shit about this is, that you kids got your shit together enough to organise an adventure of this nature. That is not often an easy task. Mad props.

More videos from these fullas here.

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