Ryan Mills – Back From The Dead

comments . . 23/04/2018

This was super interesting.

I remember watching this dude ride in old Props features, and was pretty into his vibe, sense of humour, tall lanky style with an ability to do some weird shit as well as some gnarly shit. By the way, the intro to the Premium team (which the dude used to ride for) on megatour 4 still sticks in my mind.

Anyway, didn’t really see or hear from the dude since. This often happens, I remember a biker I used to love watching and wonder what happened to him, generally, there is no answer. This time is different.

A seemingly typical tale, and unfortunately so. Heroin seemed to have gotten the better of the dude, and the negative circumstances which come with that, the stealing, the lying, the dysfunctional lifestyle, it’s a shame man. Crazy that a substance can have such defiant control over someone. As he explains, more often than not, addicts either end up in prison, or dead, so it’s fucking cool to hear that he has come good and turned his shit around.

Massive kudos to being able to tell this story, it must have been really hard to speak out with such a deafening wall of shame and guilt to overcome. Watching this, it’s almost as if you can feel the dude squirming inĀ apprehension and unease. And fuck, didn’t expect him to be riding so good.

Just another example of why BMX rules, giving this dude something constructive and positive to use, to soothe the soul and replace the minds desire to wander into deceit and addiction.

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