Playback: A Film by Doug Underhill

comments . . 22/07/2018

Nice job Douglas.

Here is half an hour of BMX from the South Australian scene, pieced together by workhorse Doug Underhill. So awesome to have a dude like Doug down in Adelaide working with the crew on a project like this, helps a lot with motivation and focus I find. Having that common goal to work towards with your mates.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m fairly certain the last full length from Doug was ‘Ambition’ back in 2013? Awesome to see that the flame is still alive, and kept lit through a new generation of dudes like Jay Waters, Cobac and Ricky as well as a tonne of other dudes I hadn’t heard of before – sick to see. And you still have your elder statesman trawling through the mud – the likes of Rhys Gogel, Mikey Moore and pro BMX turned wigga Liam Zingbergs.

Indi’s clips at 19.53 were sick, dudes a beast

– Ice to manual to nowhere 180 at 11.36 was tight

– I’m pretty into Cobac’s little guy swag, good trick selection, plenty of chinks

Rick’s next level with crank flips, but that’s not news.

Fucking good shit fellas, psyched for all you guys. Keep it up, make another one. Come on.

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