Pahau Milner: Backwards Bush Bastard

comments . . 29/03/2017

Ya boy.

Since the release of Dulwich back in June 2016, not much has changed. We still meet up most weekends, go riding and chill. So naturally, footage will start to build. Without my knowledge, Pahau had built up a bunch of shit with his brother Riwai, as well as a few things here and there with myself.

Just recently, with Pa being out again injured, we said fuck it, let’s combine our footage forces and get this thing happening. So this is the culmination of a couple VXs held by Riwai and myself, pointed at Pa, pieced together by yours truly.

Stoked to be able to work on this, Pa does some real shit, with a fucking real ass attitude to BMX. The dude has come a long way from the desolate outback of the bush to the big smoke here in Brisbane, it’s a real change having to get used to things like TVs and cars. Those backwards bush bastards are now everywhere in Brisbane, they bloody multiply like flies. They’re alright but!

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