Michael Hutter: Dark Surrealism

comments . . 27/07/2017

More art. This time from this German fulla Michael Hutter. Mick creates dark, surrealistic tales of ancient civilisations, portraying elements of magic, sex and death. Couldn’t be any more expectant of a european.

“Michael Hutter is a German artist born in 1963, whose surreal works are as magical as they are strange. Since 1986 he has been exhibiting his work in numerous art galleries.

Michael Hutter‘s work is pitched at that enjoyably nebulous zone which lies on the borderlands of fantasy, science fiction and surrealism, from which hybrid visions emerge that are never too defined in one direction or another.”

More of Mick’s work here.

hutteramazon hutterbabylon hutterbabylonagain hutterdeath huttergemalde

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