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Ya ya, time for a recap.

Thought I’d chuck together a list of my favourite (most memorable) web videos of 2017. Key to this is that they have to have been web videos and have to have been Australian, so FP Alive and Well and Toey dropped out.

If it was up to me, this list would be all videos that I created, guaranteeing and cementing my supremacy and ensuring that no half baked cuts made the list. But this isn’t a perfect world so I have included pieces from other fools.

Also, I noted today that Jax Anderson already had a dig at this on his Sanctuary Threads blog, here, although it wasn’t only Australian content.

These choices are not in any kinda order either.

Good vibes on this one. Love a solid roadtrip video and with these three being on top of the game at the moment, it’s a tasty recipe for success. You really get the feel that they all get along, even the filmer dude.

Despite bailing on the mother land and focussing his efforts on the over saturated LA scene, Calvin never disappoints. As you would expect, an onslaught of heavy shit over some incredible spots. Love a bit of super 8mm too.

Had to choose this as it truly get’s me psyched to watch. Big Mac is the man! Hopefully this shows his personality a bunch, which is just as much a contribution to this video as the riding. The 3 manual to 3 brings me so much stoke, what a bo$$. Always a treat to collab with Jimbo too. Get your head out of the ass of the art world Jim, BMX needs you.

Again, despite the obvious bias, it’s kinda hard to pass this one up. Dylan goes IN, again and again and again. So stoked to have him on TMPRD and even more stoked to just have him around, endless motivation, endless good vibes and the little bastard is fucked when it comes to manly setups.

Another little bastard making moves, Sydney’s Lewis Mills in collaboration with filmer boy Ben Norris. There is so much difficult shit in here, done with the classic Lewis style¬†and an air of subtle confidence. Keep that Sydney scene poppin’ boys.

Arguably one of my favourite videos of the year, and of this list, the recently released Ancher/Defero mix, which I posted about just recently. Australian as fuck, crazy riding, good vibes and from a bunch of dudes who are generally legends. Make sure you get into this.

This was a cheeky little surprise when it came out earlier this year. Sucks that it was premiered for TCU, which is a shitstain on BMX. Moving past that, this dude destroys, running beast mode through this entire thing. So sick to see a pegs easy 180 down a big rail, fuck the hards my brothers. Hadn’t really heard of this dude before, but I expect to see more shit soon. Guess it’s that Gorecki influence!

Callan is like the Calvin that never left Perth. How has he not received more hype? It’s cliche to say, but fuck, if this is his b-sides, his part in his own, upcoming DVD will obviously be bonkers. So smooth, always in control and handling shit. Even that quick smith grind on the semi high white ledge, a simple trick, was done so well.

Bit of SA flavour up in here. Mixtapes rule, and Shizee knows how to put a solid one together, helped along by the lads featured in this. Love all the dudes in this, maybe less Zingbergs, and with that classic ratio of party, chill and riding, you can’t go wrong. So sick to see some raw footage of Ned being destroyed by Beech.

And another roadtrip, this time courtesy of Australia’s S&M team. And speaking of the team, some of the baddest motherfuckers line up for this, so sick to see. Makes me so happy to see all these guys riding together, such an awesome collection of people and riders. Jimbo did a pretty good job putting this one together, he has that ability (which is crucial) to be able to slip in amongst a group of people and capture shit without being too overt.

Second place getters/b-sides/losers that perhaps deserve somewhat of a mention include:

Jake Norris – Chronic Bone

Samson/Mac – Chronic Bone

Ricky Catanzariti – Colony Pro

Sam Waters – WTP

Tim Storey – Colony

Johnny Mac – TMPRD

Shane Conlon – 2017

TMPRD – Filthy Drains & Planet TMPRD

Supermegapoxydog – Jay Wilson & Perth dogs

Kym Grosser – Set

Melbourne Street Series – DIG ‘In The Cut’

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