Mad Ridas: Anchor / Defero Piece

comments . . 06/11/2017

What a joint, 2 many mad ridas to name ‘ere cuzzin.

From the lens (and more importantly, mind) of Flagz comes the latest full length release from Anchor/Defero out of the grime of Melbourne’s inner north east. Melbourne is typically referred to as the arts and cultural hub of Australia, and having spent some time there, including with some of these dudes, it is clear to see that something special is happening. Creativity and originality are blossoming, nurtured by a community that works together to support each other and the people doing cool shit. The music scene seems to be ever growing and it’s cool to see ventures such as Anchor, Defero, Nothings Wrong etc. continue to grow, even merging with the music scene. I’m not entirely sure, but I seem to recall that Flagz has something to do with a bunch of badass Melbourne bands like Batpiss and Courtney Barnett.


On a side note, I was at Blues fest last year watching Courtney Barnett play, and noticed that her bassist (I think) was wearing an S&M shirt, got stoked on that.

Anyway, back to the video. The first thing I noticed, and a feature which permeated the entire video, was how genuinely Australian it is. Starting off acknowledging the traditional owners of this land (the first time I think I have ever seen that in a BMX video), shots of kangaroos and sheep galloping across this great brown land, to snippets of harsh Australian tone, backyard ramps, bush spots and the ending with a Rolf Harris classic. This exudes Australian character, which is probably a testament to how genuine and down to earth the dudes involved in this piece area. This is true to form, fair shake of the sauce bottle grass roots shit, dudes that ride for the love, that grow the scene and that do it with taste and modesty, that’s the shit.

Also, there are some actually beautiful shots at the start in that full pipe as the honey golden rays of the bush sun falls to bring in the night, loved that.


The riding is of course fucking badass too, stoked on Greg’s part up front, not often that you get to see that dude ride, real raw and no doubt from the most obscure parts of the world. There are a bunch of friends/mixes throughout as well, heaps of names you might know and some lesser known fullas. Most notably, Jimmy does a tonne of crazy x-rides, one at Northcote across the deck, down the quarter and back up to manual, as well as that wall to x to 180 over the drain – CRAZY. On ya Jim.

Then Beechy comes in and does a bunch of Ruben shit to shut the shit down, 4 ever.

This is Australian BMX at it’s finest.

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