Mad Rida: Zac Hutera

comments . . 29/01/2018

Fucking beast I tell you.

Nowra produces the goods yet again. Outside of bringing you the likes of Codie Ryan, Big Salad, Luke Gorecki, Jadan Roxburgh and Mitch Morison, NSWs south coast region has now given us the muscular mass of Zac Hutera. Using his well toned biceps and pectorals, young Zac takes to the streets and does his best to squash every last peanut in his path. He does this with a terrifying sense of ease (just look at how calm he is running into that last pegs hard to flat), all the while veins popping under the stronghold he has over his new shiny Division frame.

This is cool to see, blending in all the tech wizardry to keep the new school 5 panel wearing militants interested, while simultaneously doing huge testosterone filled man shit.

This really is a mystery, a topic for a science undergrad to potentially investigate, being:

– How did his bike not break landing in that fashion, on the last pegs hard?

– What was he thinking grinding to 180 that terribly awkward rail at 0.52?

– How the fuck did he pull that feeble to feeble manual 180 at Kings Cross at 1.03, that looked insanely difficult?

Now someone needs to strap the dude down, if that is at all possible, and make him work on a full part with at least 2 years patience. I would watch that.

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