comments . . 29/05/2017

Yep, you already know the little guy is mad and with each and every video that comes out, this status is further established. Adelaide based, and soon to be a pizza delivery guy in Brisbane (fingers crossed), Ricky is a quiet, inquisitive and kind natured little dude with a crazy good skill level and bike awareness. I remember running into him here and there a few years back when he first ‘entered the scene’ and hardly heard him say anything, like anything at all. Nowadays, he has grown in confidence and is a bloody treat to be around.

This video is sick, I guess mainly bro cam, but begins to showcase how forward thinking and well rounded Ricky is as a rider. For example, take the fast plant 3 off the wall at 0.38 to the hang 5 tooth 180 at 1.10 to the nose 180 to half cab bar crankflip at 1.39. All crazy clips, and totally unique.

Go Rick.

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