Mad Rida: Lewis Mills

comments . . 05/10/2017

Don’t know the fulla from a bar of soap, never met him, but the little whipper snapper can sure ride a bike.

This is a pretty prime example of the modern day BMXer, an expeditious rise to notoriety as a result of globalisation/social media, obviously founded with the platform of being able to ride a bike really good. I would put someone like Boyd Hilder in this category too, what with being on the Volume pro team, having signature parts on the way, being apart of internationally renowned contests. All that on the back of a handful of video parts and for what seems like only being visible for the last couple years. This would have been a completely unheard of situation back even in the late 2000s, where a dude would have had to have had a couple seriously gnarly DVD parts and had select contest/jam appearances over a substantial period of time to even begin making a mark.

This is the new way of the world and damn, it has resulted in some crazy little bastards popping up and going HAM.

Anyway, I could be wrong in my view, that’s just how I see it.

But back to the video, steezy little c*#t, fashion savvy, has all the right tricks of the moment and then some. I was kinda blown away with some of the bigger stuff in here, on top of all the flat ledge trickery which is a dime a dozen. Crazy how far he has come in just 3 short years.

Good job fellas. Go Sydney.

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