Mad Rida: Dyfan Batchelor

comments . . 25/07/2017
Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 5.43.14 pm

Came across this clip the other day and thought hey, fuck yeah, a dude from Parramatta area doing cool shit on a bike. I remember riding this park earlier this year and wondering what the local scene is like. I tried to ride the bowl, which is ok in the shallower end, but deadly as in the deeper bit. Dyfan shreds it.

I should note that every time I write Dyfan, I really wanna write Dylan. I’m sure the dude gets this all the time.

Fulla here kinda has that Jared Chilko vibe going on, what with the goofy footedness, the bike setup with the slammed seat and the cranked lookbacks.

There are probably a couple clips that would have been better left out, but hell, who am I to say so. The bowl shit is where the dude shines. Love the cheeky little superman seatgrab at that crazy looking blue bowl (where the fuck is this?) at 1.50 and that weird ass whip thing at 2.39.

Filming and editing was on point, good use of slo-mo, still/composed shots and well linked with setup angles.

Looks like these dudes have a little crew going, sus their Youtube here.

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