comments . . 02/08/2017


Tim Storey only recently released ‘Ah Well’ and just this weekend gone, Birtles premiered his latest ‘Spritzer’. ┬áHere we have the intro to yet another full length release from a Brisbane crew, shit is really poppin’ over here at the moment.

‘Toey’ is the product of a few years work from Raph (who put the thing together) and a crew of dudes, namely Mason, Dylan, Tim, Macca, Jerry and Tiny. I, and a few others, were lucky enough to have a screening of this thing recently and fuck its good. Classic VX, which Raph has dialled in so well, with a classic soundtrack and quality riding, all themed around the city of Brisbane. It’s particularly special to watch if you are connected to the Brisbane BMX scene.

If you have ridden with these dudes, especially the kids, you will understand why it’s called ‘Toey’. These guys are legitimately horny to ride bikes, a passion which I love to see and which attracts me to wanna ride with these dudes more and more. Can’t wait to see more of this pop up online.

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