Keeping Still: Volume 9

comments . . 10/04/2018

This is probably the longest gap between drinks, the last Volume (8) being back in September 2017, holy hell how time flies eh. Guess I’ve been slacking on the old point and shoot, been too focussed on other things lately – which you will hear all about in due course. For now though, enjoy.

Wilton, Samson, Pat and I recently went to Hobart to explore. Obviously we went to the snake run, which was only up the hill from where we were staying in the city backpackers. Shit is rough and fucked to ride, slippery in places, different tranny every inch, steep, if it’s a trait of a difficult quarter, this spot has it. Wilton managed to get a sweet line, somehow. So stoked we managed to film something here. Cory (black/yellow tee in the background) also slayed a tight as fuck chink on this thing, so gnarly.


Another Hobart shot, again with the same dudes as mentioned above. Phone fuck boys ey. Pat got a crazy line here.


Took this shot of Kayla, then gave her a ring and got engaged, that was tight. Memories.


A rare day where I find myself in Jason’s bus and on the Gold Coast, Salad was of course in his element.


This shot is real similar to one Mikey Moore took, probably because he also took it, in the same spot. Lol. This was from a trip to Adelaide last year with Denby, Alex and Boyd. Mikey took us up into the hills to ride this crazy quarter which was at the rear of a cricket pitch. I guess they used it so that the balls would roll back during practice. This was an amazing way to finish the day.


Another shot from the Adelaide trip. I think we went into the city one night in chase of dumplings, it was dope. This is Denby, Rick, Cobac and Gogel, good fellas.


Adelaide again. Gogel on Dempseys scooter, looking fly son. This is that kinker onto the sand you might have seen the Adelaide guys ride before, pretty crazy location – you sorta weave out of a heavy industrial area and emerge at this semi-pristine salt river spot with not much around. Alex and Denby did goods here.


The fellas again, right before we took off to Adelaide.


Justy flew back from his stay in Canada for month or so over the XMAS period and I was lucky enough to be able to meet up with him and ride some parks on the Gold Coast. This was a good day, Alex and Justy did tonnes of shit. Alongside Beast and JP, we finished off the arvo down the beach, sick day.


Ya boy J Mac wid dat wall ride, seen in the Planet TMPRD mix.


Cody and his bike. This is actually at the TMPRD filthy drains spot. We went down one night to shoot a few things. Hesh as ey.


Funny story. Salad, Brock and I flew to Sydney to do some filming and on the first night, as we arrived, Salad starts feeling delusional as we’re pedalling around. He had some kinda bite on his leg prior to coming on the trip but it wasn’t serious and he decided to YOLO. Thank god he made it to the hospital but, turns out it was a spider bite, likely a white tail. Salad didn’t leave the hospital for about a week, so it was just Brock and I getting it done. Poor dude.


This is Kyle Fletcher on the Gold Coast being filmed by Brock and Salad, 180 bars the set to half cab the next set.


This bloke cruised up to a big group of us one day as we were sussing a spot in Brisbane. It was beautiful, he serenaded us and went on his merry way. Denby – you are going back to this rail and are gonna do it alright.


Gloriousness. This is the infamous Beechmont halfpipe, which we actually rode and filmed at a long time ago, but my cameras died in the ass and I lost everything. This was a big effort to get back to, cheers to Cody for hooking it up with the amazing property owner, Judy. Appreciate it.


And another angle of the beast. Shit is big and steep.


Swanga at Swanga jam (Sumners Road version) probably about to yell Swanga.


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