Keeping Still: Volume 8

comments . . 13/09/2017

Volume 8 now, getting up there ey. Once again, getting through 26 photos seems to take a long ass time, these shots are from 5 months.

This is the most recent shot, from a trip to Melbourne where a bunch of us northerners stayed with Muzza, Ando and Tas. Cheers for the accommodation and good times boys. Here is Muz (and Tas if you squint) at a spot just out of Melbourne city;


The crew at one of Brisbane’s famous rails. This was a sick day, Dylan, Denby and Pat all got nugs on this spot;


Would you believe this spot! Denby, Pat and I went to Cairns on a trip and on the last day as we were cruising on the fringe of town, Denby calls out to me to swing back. I had ridden right past this gem. This was at a ghetto looking motel spot, no one around, completely empty. Unheard of with a pool, we were definitely lucky to get to find and ride this;


Pat and Denby at our Cairns backpackers accommodation. Awesome place to stay, again we were super lucky to come across this joint. It was located just out of town, really leafy, friendly staff, quick ride to the beach and night life, plus real cheap;


This spot has become fondly known as church in that it’s a Sunday morning ritual;


Liiv came up on the recent TMPRD Brissy trip, which was awesome. It’s super cool to have someone like him apart of the brand and to spend some time together. The dude seemed psyched on what we got going on in Brissy. Lazy dad Sunday;


TMPRD trip, the first night everyone was in town. We went out to West End, it was hazy. Not sure who took this and where everyone else was, good night but;


Small crew of us went out to Toowoomba not long ago, stayed with Denby. Best memory was going to this country pub outside of Toowoomba and getting a tight meal. Everytime we go out to Toowoomba it’s a good time. Everyone in this shot smokes ciggies. Time and time again I find myself being the only non-smoker, sorry to disappoint;


Me mate Mitch Morison. This fulla come up and hung out for a long weekend, which was awesome as we don’t get to hang very often these days now that Mitch is on the endless summer path. I love that we can still be good friends without BMX as the middle ground. Good c$%t;


This is the view from the back of his (Mitch’s) van. Vans are pretty ABD these days, but for good reason. Imma get 1;


Here is the other fool that doesn’t ride anymore that I am stoked to still be friends with. Ammon moved up from Sydney not too long ago and is making the coast his home, good on ya champion;




Couple of the Adelaide fools came to Brisbane to keep Shizee company, it was super sick to spend some time with them. This is my mate Rick, he is a good person and rides a bike really well. Rick wants to be a pizza delivery guy and live in Brissy and  I want to support his dream. Not a bad looking rooster either;


Here is the other Adelaide guy, dad guy, super dad actually. Dad shirt, dad herb, dad to Rick. You’re alright Rhys, come back soon;


Stoked to see the boys supporting TMPRD. Here is Francy with his night child frame;


Francy also drives a van (which is similar to this one, which is actually Goldrings) and is a cool guy. Look at that stance, look how chilled out he is;


Love this! There is nothing better than going on a day trip to an untouched country town and sampling the local pub. This is exactly what a bunch of us did recently out at Beaudesert;


Stoked on this spot. We pulled up in town (Beaudesert) and turned one corner and found this. Howzat;


Pat Johns, Canberra. Samson was on this trip with us too, I think this was the day he was hurt and couldn’t ride around so Pat and I got it done on our own. Another super memorable trip;


Pat and Samson. Another awesome Canberra spot, a little less blown out;


Same dudes, with Jack O’Reilly in the background. Thanks to that dude for hanging out and showing us around while we were in Canberra. Make sure you watch his Backbone part if you haven’t already;


Last but not least. Another of my favourite places to be, waking up in my swag looking out over the ocean. This spot is actually a couple kilometres from my place, so I was psyched to be able to show Tim, Tiny and Mason how awesome it is. It’s such a shame that more of the crew don’t wanna come and sample what the coast has to offer. Something about crossing that river ey;


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