Keeping Still: Volume 7

comments . . 24/04/2017

Another suite of disposable photos, from at least the last 4-5 months.

Wilton in the pool/trophy room at Seidler, got a sick collection of memorabilia happening;


This is Raph, Tim, Mason and Denby ‘mokin after a real sick day of riding bikes in Brisbane;


Mason – tree dweller. This was again another real sick session, all the dudes had a lash at this spot, vibes were high;


TMPRD crew whilst on our recent Sydney trip. This is the reverse angle, at that famous curved wall spot;


Seems to be a theme running here, of shots being taken right after a fucking awesome day of riding. A few of us spent the day searching around the streets of Manly the week of the Vans bowl jam. Came up on a few nugs and then enjoyed ourselves down by this creek;


Dylan – couldn’t be looking any more toey right now haha;


Sludge chilling in the back of the ranger – I think this was taken in the carpark at the Port Macquarie skatepark;


Dylan, roadtrip cold shower special, again at Port Macquarie skatepark;


Sludge chilling right before we got to ride that Coffs Harbour fullpipe. This is the view of the dam above the fullpipe;


Kayla at our local beach spot, Point Cartwright. Every now and then we’ll get up to see the sunrise before work. Sick way to start the day;


Dylan and Tim at the most famous east Brisbane spot ever, pub rail. Tim was pissed off dad this day, he lost his wallet the night before being a drunk guy, dumb dog;


Family photo. Rhys, Jack, Ricky and Sam. This was from a recent trip to Melbourne, staying at Jacks house. That dog was sick as fuck;


Coops took us to this sick kinker so Sam could have a go, unfortunately it rained straight away and we didn’t get to hit it. This is the crew watching fight videos on youtube, as you do;


Jack Kelly’s rig;


This was a pretty sick school, which Cooper showed us to. Marius seems pretty stoked on this one, good to meet the dude and hang out for a bit, Dynasty Crew strong;


Got off the plane at Melbourne airport and was picked up by Jack (cheers man!) and a crew of South Australian mongrels, then we drove straight to this masterpiece. So sick to see in person. Ricky flaired it, which was mad as brah;


Apparently Pahau is an angry drinker;


Sick day out riding in the western suburbs. Big crew in tow too. Cody and Wilton had great successes at this spot;


Cody and Pahau at an abandoned school which the police use for terrorist training. We didn’t know, but they take people entering here very seriously, and have had heaps of trouble with young thugs and graffiti. Had a pretty full on security apprehend us here for almost an hour before a couple cop cars (and a dog) turned up. Once we explained what we were doing, they were very understanding and let us go free of charge. A good encounter with the cops, hallelujah;


Pahau will hate this, but this is a shot of him laying out a superman from the Sunshine Coast university dish. Obviously the photo was taken a little early, but you get the idea;


Had the pleasure of riding with my old mate Adrian Duffy just recently, who was here on holidays from his new home in Perth. We celebrated with a  session at Caloundra, like the good old days. Despite not riding that much, the dude still has a tight setup, think this is an FBM;


Woodford Folk Festival 2016/2017. Vibes were at a pretty high level here, sun going down over the dam as weird shit goes down in every which way, with a full night of music to come. I will pester my friends hard enough to come one day;


Drains jam 2016, the day before, still with lots of work to do;


This was just to the left of The Vessels as they shredded the fuck outta the Drains Jam, not sure who the tatted up dude is, but you can see Quaddy, Goldring, Riwai, Francy and the burning ramp in the background;


Jonny on the mic again, this time with The Vessels (at Drains Jam) – being Manu and Jordy, stoked to have seen this happen for the second time. Truly a sight to behold, no coordination involved, just rawness;



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