Keeping Still: Volume 10

comments . . 25/06/2018

Woo, yah, cool, churrrrr, volume 10 baby.

What a day, what a milestone for Crispy – which timely, is consistent with the life of this beast, coming up to 10 years in the business as of February next year. To celebrate, I have nothing planned.

Don’t even know if anyone even still looks at this shit. Whatever.

Samson, Dylan and I drove down to Sydney, via Newcastle, earlier this year. We timed it well enough to be able to hang out with the Hambone dudes, at their drains jam. We rocked up after a long ass drive to this scene, so sick.


Fucking good job fellas, the vibes were high, you created that. Nothing better;


One of the Hambone ring leaders, Jye, looking mighty wog swaggy here;


When we did make it to Sydney, we stayed in a little shack in the middle of Newtown with a few of the Perth dudes, not far from this spot actually. Here we have Tom Roddy toothing the rail with Stibbards on the film;


Rode the famous Sydney drains, so beautiful;


As is this toey little fucker, Dylan;


This was sick. Ended a long days riding at that Sydney curved wall that every man and his dog has been to. Got to hang out with Ben Norris and this Jordan dude (I think?);


The boys. Roddy (left) and Stibbards (right) shagged up in Dylan’s van, with Corless up front;


Then on the way home, we stopped at Crescent Head and pulled up to this shit. Sickest spot to camp;

C029079-R1-18-16A C029079-R1-19-17A

Mum turned 60, so we hired a house boat and cruised up the Noosa River, pretty sick. These are some shots of my wife (lol) on the boat as the sun goes down, beautiful stuff;

C029079-R1-13-11A C029079-R1-14-12A

Mitch Morison and his partner Nat trekked up from Ulladulla to make it to our wedding, champions. This was the day before, we went for a bushwalk down the road from our joint. This spot is awesome, super idyllic and rarely do you run into others;


Went to Alice Springs for our honeymoon. The intention was to hire a van and sus out the big deadly rocks in the desert. Thankfully, it turned out that Greg Barnes (of Nothings Wrong ‘Zine fame) was living out there while we were around and was kind enough to help us plan the trip and stay with him whilst we were in Alice. This was his place, he lives in the caravan out the back right;


This is Alice Springs from the Anzac lookout right in town;


Here are some big rocks and landscapes of the desert, including Kings Canyon and Kata Tjuta;





Was also lucky enough to get in a few days riding with Greg around town. Ey, Alice got spots man;



Tourists, Greg, myself and Kayla;


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