James Pease: An Oyster Tale

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A wise man called William Shakespeare once said that the world is your oyster, implying that you can achieve anything you want to with a bit of opportune thinking and the skills to do so. I’m here to tell you that the world is an oyster and that it will soon be under the ownership of a little guy from Melbourne called James Pease. With a genuine and kind nature, an unmatched passion for BMX and an infectious desire to push himself, Jimmy is coming in hot.

Jim was introduced me through the Cleveland dudes Tim Storey and Dylan Steinhardt, having spent a 6 week trip in America with him after only just recently being acquainted. Everyone seemed to get more stoked the more Jims name popped up. Cruise on down the track a little and what do you know but none other than Jim has won himself a bloody ring and taken out the Monster street series Melbourne stop.

With fame and fortune under his belt, it was the cue of Crispy to step in and take advantage of Jims position and hopefully use that to the advantage of this website through hits, views, shares, subscriptions and ultimately, cash.

So read on and make me some money.


So what is the James Pease story? Where did you come from and where are you going?

My name is James (Jim) Pease, I’m 20 years old and I live in Northcote Victoria. I’m hoping to get an electrical apprenticeship by the end of the year, but at the moment just enjoying life, and having fun riding bikes.

How did BMX come into your life and what does it mean for you?

Well when I was really young my parents liked bike touring, but I found it extremely boring riding in a straight line, so I would always jump off curbs and swerve around, which lead me to the local bike store, to me finding a little red 16″ ABD, and the rest is history! BMX is a real big part of my life, because it keeps me from going insane and has given me the best bunch of friends I could of ever dreamed of.


So what do you currently do for a coin and what leads you to want to be a sparky?

Currently I work at “The famous Melbourne Bicycle Centre” in Clifton hill as a bike salesman and mechanic, but I don’t ever deal with Bmx’s unfortunately, but it’s still sick! I’ve always enjoyed tinkering with electronics and in high school, I did some sparky work placement, and really enjoyed it, so I guess that’s what leads me to wanting to be one.

You recently, on a whim, spent 6 weeks in America with a bunch of muts from Brisbane, who you had only just recently met. What was that whole experience like and how did it come about?

Pwooo, America was a trip and a half! Endless amount of fun, spots, skateparks, beers and green! I could definitely say my childhood dreams were lived! I had only met the CLVLND boys here in Melbourne, while they were on a trip a couple of months pior to heading to the US, but we got along so well that it didn’t matter we had only just met, to be honest it felt like we had been friends for years, plus its BMX!


That’s the crazy thing about BMX, which I love so much, you can meet a complete stranger and become instant friends with BMX as the common thread. Is that what attracts you to BMX or are there other elements that get you toey?

Pretty much! Except that feeling you get when you roll away from a new trick, or one you didn’t think you would land. But it really is amazing how BMX allows you to do that, and is one of the big elements of why I love it so much.

What is your local scene like down in Melbourne? Kinda looks like you don’t attach yourself to any one crew, in riding with dudes from FP and The Anchor/NW Zine.

The Scene here in Melbs is sick, heaps of people keen on riding, and if you saw the recent street series video, it just goes to show how strong the scene really is! I’ve never really been to judgmental about who I ride with, as long as there keen, I’m down with it. Also I’ve worked weekends for the last 5 years, so it does kinda limit who I can ride with. But it’s never a bad time when I get to ride with the Anchor fam or the FP boys!

Yeah I’m real into the Anchor scene and the vibes they give off. How did you end up being apart of that scene?

Well I guess I became apart of the Anchor scene, because one, it’s the local shop, and two my local parks are Northcote and Fitzroy, and co-owner Beau would always be down there in afternoons.


So the street series came to town just recently, with yourself throwing down and taking out the win. You did the biggest x ride 180 I think I’ve ever seen. What was that whole experience like and where did you come to ride the way you do?

The street series was a Blast! Don’t think I’ve even seen so many hammers get dropped on so many spots in one day! It was good to see how stoked everyone was for everyone who was riding, and not letting BMX politics get in the way, unlike some previous jams we’ve had. 

I’ve always been small, so learning to ride I struggled doing tricks like manuals where you had to be in total control of the bike so I just did x-up rides instead, and at the time the big 4 block at Carlton ledges seemed like a perfect set up for it, so I gave it a crack.

Describe the most cooked experience of your life?

I knew this question was coming… but it was while I was in the states, on a cold snowy night, parked outside of the lumberyard skate park in Portland, Oregon. Earlier that day the boys and I helped some random move his piano, and in return he gave us three litres of liquor FREE!! So as you do we all decide to get fucked up and play drinking games all night. We started playing the finger game and just my luck I lost like 6 times in a row, so I had to drink 6 horrible concoctions in a row, but that was only to start the night off… then we decide to invent a game called the “Ciggie Olympics”. You all start off by all lighting a dart at the same time and smoking it as fast as you can, then sculling a beer, and the loser has to drink another terrible drink.

So outside in the snow we all started, Tim, Denby and I were able to finish our darts and beer no worries, where Dylan and Chris struggled a bit on the scull causing Dylan to chuck, which then lead Chris to start throwing up and Chris drinking the drink. After all that mayhem had finished we went back into the RV to chill and smoke a joint, and I was lying on my bed above the drivers seat, and nek minute I projectile vomited like I never have before, heading directly  towards the ceiling (which was on 30cm from my face) causing it to shower back all over me and all over mine and Tims bed like a burst fire hydrant, then to me standing in the snow trying to clean myself up, and everyone else trying not to throw up themselves because they were laughing so hard. But yeah that was pretty much the most fucked up I’ve ever been.

Thanks to Jim for the words and Flags and Tim Storey for the photos.

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