Jam Time Baby

comments . . 22/02/2018

Yep. The mongrel bastards down in Newcastle (Hambone fullas) are putting on a jam easter long weekend. Judging from the flyer, it’s gonna be a fancy affair.

If you’re in Newcastle, get down and support this shit.

Read more about these dudes and the Newcastle scene here.


Boss man Hayden shot me through the flyer and I asked him a few back and forths, avago would ya.

Where you been of late brother, travelling the continents on a motorbike?

Well yeah I’ve been in Japan for 6 weeks at the end of last year till the start of this year and I met some Japanese chopper builders and they showed me around the sights of Nagoya by me jumping on the back of one of there bikes and giving me a helmet with no strap and then giving my a iPhone cable for a strap, No fucks given. They also gave me a place to stay and payed for all my meals. I would do the same for them.

So tell us about the jam, what can we expect?

The jam will hopefully reflect on real bmx, building sketchy ramps and sending yourself. We are hoping to get a big crowd down there so it will be a sick time. Beers and bmx what more could you want. There will be a few quarters, rails, ramps, wall rides and a creted jersey barrier.

How’s the scene in Newcastle of late?

The scene down here is slowly growing and getter better, every ride we seem to get more people on a bmx which is sick. There is another crew down here HS KREW and they have put in work to build a scene.

This isn’t your first foray in the jam holding world, what gives you the motivation to want to put on something like this?

It’s just for the fun of it, seeing a 50-100 people on a bmx doing deadly stunts is always a sick time and also after watching trey jones swamp fest that got me super keen. Imagine having something like that in Australia that is that big, would be a hell time. Also the tempered filthy drains jam looks loose as fuck so I thought why can’t we have something like that closer to home.

The theme/location and overall vibe is very mid school BMX. Did you grow up being influenced by that era of BMX?

Yeah of course how couldn’t you be influenced by a time in bmx that change it and pretty much brought it to life. Mid school bmx is about building shit like this and sending a one hander off it, which I think is the best who cares about a super mega ramp.

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