I’ll Look After You Boys: TMPRD B ROLL

comments . . 19/07/2017
Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 5.29.41 pm

Hey champions, about a month ago the TMPRD Dynasty Crew fullas came up to Brisbane for a long weekend to meet, hang and ride and talk shop. Shit was fucking awesome, stoked as hell on our crew.

Anyway, so the boys did handle a bunch of shit, which is being saved for some future video projects. But in the meantime, we chucked together some other shit from the trip to create these nugs. Episode 3 came from the lens of my VX/TRV while Episode 4 is from that of a one Alex Liiv, with Marius helping out too.

Have a geez, this is a pretty accurate portrayal of our time, minus a few riding clips here and there.

Expect a write up and photos on DIG sometime in the coming week.



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