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Nothing like a bit of German metal to darken up your week.

I came across these dudes Valborg latest release ‘Endstrand’ just recently and it undoubtedly stood out from the hoards of other metal bands I search – which mostly sucks. But every so often, you will find something sick like this. Its rabid, angry, forceful metal, neither doom, neither black and neither hardcore. It flitters between genres, stabbing out in anger as each category attempts to take ownership of the sound.

There are a couple other songs on the album which I have bookmarked for potential use down the track, but for now, have a go at the below track, complete with wack ass video. This shit is pretty loose and doesn’t sound like anything I’ve heard of late.

Also, weirdly, I thought I was going to go through their discography and find a tonne of other gems, but nothing else Valborg have released sounds remotely like this. Progression I guess.

More music on their bandcamp, which is also where I got this description – a handy little summary of these guys.

“Championed by Tom G. Warrior as “unique” and “a mixture of Bohren und der Club of Gore, early Black Sabbath and Hellhammer”Valborg creates dense, inventive music that escapes categorization. The trio’s blunt, forceful songs are at once raw yet hold a nihilistic sophistication that forges clouds of nightmarish atmosphere, giving them a narcotic, dreamlike feel that very few bands achieve.”

Speaking of Germany. Have a go at this too, Raph has German heritage, is in Germany right now and can probably understand some of the German lyrics. His ‘Toey’ part just came out too.

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