Heavy Offering: Samsara

comments . . 09/10/2017

This is an interesting one.

Very little information on these guys out on the webs, but from what I can gather, these Melbourne fellas were a ‘supergroup’ of sorts, comprised of members from various bands including Baina from Her Nightmare. This album, ‘The Emptiness’ was also produced by Converge legend Kurt Ballou and was released in 2007.

When I was in the last couple years of my BMX racing era, in a pretty full on training regime, my buddy and I used to listen to this, so it conjures up plenty of images of the garage in Mudjimba where we would train and ride our bikes in the street. A very different time of my life to now.

They obviously don’t make music anymore, and it’s particularly difficult to even find their music at all online. My favourite track of their’s is ‘Man’s Worst Enemy’, but unfortunately this track isn’t available to share. So have my second favourite track, being ‘Slaughter’.

Now that I know the album was produced by Kurt Ballou, the sound and overall tone of the record makes a lot of sense. It’s definitely a post metal tinged hardcore album. The tone of the guitars is sick and this album has some of the best breakdowns I’ve heard. You can really hear the similarities in Converge’s stuff, like from 4.00 onwards in one of their newest releases, ‘Reptilian’.

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