Heavy Offering: Electric Wizard

comments . . 11/09/2017

Well, well, well.

Back in mid 2016 news emerged of a new Electric Wizard album, due to be released on halloween. This was particularly exciting because… Electric Wizard, and because their last album was back in 2014, which is a long time to wait for new music, despite being a fairly typical gap for the band. Anyway, so halloween 2016 passed, and then some, with no mention, until a few days ago where the album art/title was released and then just after, their first track (of 6) was released.

Have a listen below. It’s a change in sound, which isn’t surprising given they have a new bassist and drummer, but the mainstay ensemble of Jus Osburn and Liz Buckingham remain. For me, the sound has a more dirty rock and roll tinge rather than having the full on psychedelic occult sound with that signature grumbling bass.

Anyway, it’s Electric Wizard so it’s good. I do hope that the other tracks hark back to the sound of ‘Time To Die’. Come November 10 we will all find out.

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