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So Boston 5 piece Elder are about to release their 4th LP ‘Reflections of a Floating World’, on the 2 June. Exciting shit.


This isn’t as heavy as previous offerings, but it is incredibly inventive, well written and for lack of a better word, progressive (in every sense). The sound of Elder comes highly recommended.

From Treblezine:

“There are few moments on an Elder album that don’t feel utterly colossal or breathtakingly heroic.

From Stereogum:

Elder don’t make big gestures like that. In fact, it’s easy to imagine that they don’t even think about whether people will consume their music. Instead, they sound like three musicians completely in tune with one another, facing each other rather than whoever might be listening, willing each other toward greatness.

From The Obelisk:

“…it indeed does hit that mark in its late crescendo, but it also effectively summarizes the progressive ideology that is truly at heart in the narrative of the album: Elder mature, established, quickly becoming one of the most important American heavy bands of their generation.

That’s a hell of a remark from some credible sources.

I would not be one bit surprised to see this album top the list of best heavy albums of 2017. The 2nd track to be released off the upcoming album is below and shreds (the first track can be found here). The above quotes really make sense when listening to this, and it is the kind of sound you need to listen to a few times to really hear everything come together and gain a real appreciation for the music.

Take a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

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