Heavy Offering: Drugs & Potions

comments . . 03/07/2018

I’ve actually posted about both these bands before, so nothing super new here, but both groups have recently released new shit and it’s incredible.

Honestly, I find it pretty hard to discover new metal that really has an impact on me. It might seem to an outsider that a lot of metal sounds the same, and it does, so when you consider the breadth of new music being released, it seems pretty hard that there wouldn’t be something of interest to whisk you away. Well this past week – that has happened twice, due to these bands.

What gets me most toey about these releases are that both bands are Australia, Drug Cult from Mullumbimby and Potion from Sydney. That’s cool as fuck. I don’t instantly think of Australia in association with heavy metal, so this makes me real proud of what Australia is doing in the metal scene.

Also, both bands are relatively fresh on the scene and haven’t toured all that much – so shit, get to Brisbane.

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