Heavy Offering: Drug Cult V2

comments . . 21/03/2018


I wrote about these dudes back in late January this year, when seemingly out of nowhere, they produced a pretty dope slice of occult ridden doom, in the form of Mind Crypt.

This morning, building on their first release, the group were interviewed by CVLT Nation and as part of this, premiered a new video/track, called Serpent Therapy.

My interest with Drug Cult lies not only in their heavy Electric Wizard references, but in their northern NSW home of Mullumbimby, which we frequent on the way to Nimbin. Hard to believe that a band of this calibre, and genre, would emerge out of a sleepy little hippy community. But as the band eludes to, northern NSW is known for it’s drug culture, to which Drug Cult take full advantage of.


Read more here, from the interview:

Our cover art is a Psilocybe Cubensis (Magic Mushroom) – it’s a species of psychedelic mushroom here in Australia. Over the summer we handpicked around 40 of them and starting curating spore prints, and once the shrooms left their mark, we consumed them and waited for “the one” to speak to us.


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