comments . . 20/07/2017

Fuck. This is some crusty ass, blackened sludge.

Typical of a band of this genre, they provide little to no information about themselves and keep things harrowingly dark. This is their description on Bandcamp of their latest release – ‘This Sad Cadav’r':

“30 minutes of stagnant depression and dungeon tortured imprisonment. This sad cadav’r drags blindly through the cavernous guilt of existing, the fear of want, and a self-loathing that suffocates – actualized through a perverted form of bass, drums, and incendiary vocalizations”

I couldn’t find any of the new album on Youtube, but did find this song, don’t know what it’s called, but it’s pretty bleak. I honestly don’t know how they make a sound so dank, but kinda like it. It’s almost shocking to hear, but at the same time, semi-appeasing.

I found these guys trawling through Conan social media, they must be supporting them on an upcoming US tour. Sick combo.

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