comments . . 14/11/2017

More Australian gold, this time from Fremantle’s Bolt Gun.

Pretty bleak stuff, perfectly visualised by the below video, which is an excerpt of the whole half an hour track. Seems to be the new thing. Would be crazy to see an epic like this unfold in front of your eyes.

Pretty interesting background, as taken from their Bandcamp page:

“With their new album, ‘Man Is Wolf To Man’, Bolt Gun have created a sonic, cinematic epic that depicts the existential horror of Stalinist Russia. 

Like a Pink Floyd epic unfolding in some kind of nightmare dimension, the group takes listeners across the decimated countrysides, through the villages thinned through famine, through the cities choking with fear, and finally deep into the gulags where millions died of starvation, disease, overwork, torture and execution. 

It is a vision of almost transcendent horror. To their credit, Bolt Gun walk this territory with considerable subtlety – their work is not an explosion of aural violence, but rather a meditative, multi-faceted, and slowly underfolding cinematic journey, which utilises elements of 1970s progressive and psychedelic music, fused with aspects of black metal, post-rock, ambience and drone.”

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