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So for this weeks offering, I thought I’d throw up a classic from Acid Witchs’ first album Witchtanic Hellucinations, contemporary masters of the death/funeral/doom genre. These guys have worked in a bunch of elements into their music (halloween, marijuana, witchcraft etc) with a hint of comic relief, and most importantly, have nailed the toning of their guitars to create a perfect pitch of heavy and high. Not the biggest fan of the growling, gravelly vocals, but I think it works well with the sound.

Oh yeah, these guys are pretty quiet on the socials, but appear to be on the cusp of releasing a new album, which is good news after a hefty break of 7 years since their last album ‘Stoned’.

Not sure where I came across these guys, but give it a go, you might enjoy. You may recall one of these songs being used in this video, which starts at 11.19.

Sussing out Acid Witch got me branching off further down the rabbit hole of death/doom bands. Which led me to an Australian band, Disembowelment. Active from 1989-1993, the band released one EP and a full length album, ‘Transcendence Into The Peripheral’.

It’s definitely crazy that these guys were creating sounds like this back in 1993, pretty progressive in terms of the metal genres they were able to bend and twist.

“Allmusic described Disembowelment as still revered in underground circles as doom-grind pioneers … [their works] remain genre classics. Justin Donnelly of Metal Forge declared they were ‘the legendary unground Australian doom/grindcore/ambient act’ and ‘often referred to as merely a doom band, the sort of music … is actually far more than eclectic and broad sounding than simply labelling them to one particular genre’.”

Again, the vocals aren’t my cup of tea, but I can appreciate how wild this would have been for an Australian band back in the late 1980s/early 1990s.

From serene ambience such as this:

To brutal, decaying, crushing death:



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