Gnarcherfield Jam Bruh

comments . . 12/10/2017

This was sick.

The boys at LUX as well as Colony put together a jam couple weekends ago at one of Brisbane’s more obscure parks, Archerfield, nestled in the surrounds of industrial warehouses for all to not see and shenanigans to go unnoticed. Perfect for a jam.

Looks like a bunch of fools put in work on the DIY setups, so rad to see, as well as all the different faces that turned out to have a roll.

Crazy to see spent fronty-ing over the high jump bar, to which Jonny was only just able to clear. What a psycho. It’s always cool to see a wide range of crews and dudes ride together in the name of BMX. Some little kid with a coaster, big shot Brock Olive, sunny coast up and comer Ben Winter, Alex HiamSpent, Polly, Jonny Mac, Vauxy, the list goes on.

Jonny definitely wasn’t straight while doing all the shit he does here. Bender.

Good on Coops for getting this done too, looks like he covered most of what went down, not that I was there. Filming jams sucks, so bad. There is no way you can capture everything that happens in the moment, nor can you always position yourself in the best spot possible. Plus you don’t get to ride yourself.

Psyched to see another Brisbane jam!

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