Get ‘Em Garcia

comments . . 18/06/2018

Holy hell man.

This dude Mike, who I have never heard of, and who rides for Animal out on the west coast, comes out of the gate in full force. Gripping the pointy horns of the bull with untamed intrepidity, there are a serious amount of man sized rails put to the slaughter in this nug.

I seriously hope that this one gets the attention it deserves, there would have been so many ‘holy fuck’ moments for all involved in this, probably put his mates through some serious stress. A little over 4k views on Youtube, what gives? Some of these ice clips were on par with the Augie Trip Tape.

It’s only 1 and a half minutes long, but fuck, from the first clip you know this dude is serious. How did he not break his wheel on that opening, steep ass tooth hang.

If this had have been filmed/edited by a baws, on the same camera, who knows…

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