Dylan Steinhardt IS A DUDE

comments . . 04/10/2017

So yeah, yaddi yaddi ya, Dylan got added to TMPRD and then he worked with me on this edit.

We started back in February this year when a few of us tripped down to Sydney for the Vans bowl jam. At the last minute, Dylan decided he was coming, and we couldn’t have been more stoked. The dude went IN on the trip, and hasn’t stopped since.

It’s been really awesome getting to work with someone not previously familiar to me. His approach with filming is mind blowing at times, his nonchalance for crazy set ups and his happy-go-lucky attitude continue to impress. This is probably one of my favourite reasons for filming with Dylan, there is no fucking around, he knows the spot, knows what he wants to do and does it straight up. No fucking around, no umming and arring or mental breakdowns, just balls to the wall sending it.

The little bastard is also super focussed which I also connect with. He has loads of motivation, can get super bent and get up next morning all good. I LOVE the motivation, nothing I can’t stand less than fools who you have to push to ride and film. Fuck that.

I love the moment in this at 1.40 where he is trying to psych up to slay that fucked steep ledge. That is probably the longest I have seen him take to send something. Honestly I thought he had been psyched out by the ledge, there was minimal run up, the ledge was way over bar and it was obviously really steep. As per usual, Mase is behind the scenes yelling things like do it this time and I’ll buy you a 6 pack or some shit. You can hear Dyl go ‘beer…yeah.’ That just makes me laugh, I don’t know why. It perfectly encapsulates the vibe of Dyl and what it’s like filming with him.


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