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comments . . 29/10/2017
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Couple of parts from the dudes that I have yet to post, it’s been a couple weeks without internet moving house again. Renting sux.

The termite teamed up with Jimbo Fox to celebrate his position on the coveted S&M team out here in Australia, joining such royalty as the celebrated Xave Koen, the Tom Boorman, the Will Gunn, to name a few. I know that this is pretty special for Jonny, especially having grown up lording S&M, stoked for ya bud.

You get all the classic Jonny shit in here, mayhem, rock and roll, fast and loose shit, all that. I think what some people may not be aware of is how gnarly Jonny can get on street, he kills it. Sick that he can ride anything, the mark of a true BMXer.

By the way, this UFO song rules.

Jerry’s part from Raph’s latest video project, ‘Toey’. Sick to see this, dude has super slick bike control and it’s quite evident in this section. Line at 4.45 is sick, case in point with that bike control too. So many cool jibs and unique setups, I love that kind of riding. In speaking with Jerry about this, it sounded like this was in no way planned, which is a cool way to approach something, and can definitely influence how the part feels to watch.

Banger is definitely the moto hill bomb, mullet flapping away, attitude in check. Two legends working together can only mean one thing, dialled part. I’ll mention it anyway, not that it should be required, but this is a fucking classic song and made even more classic with Raph’s dialled VX1, super crispy.

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