Deli Skeleton

comments . . 10/09/2018

Yeah, ya boys from Ham Bone, AKA ‘those wasted, pest Newcastle dudes’ from ACT Jam are up in the mix with an 8 and half minute cut.

Freshly received, this mix will do you nicely in taking a break from the current onslaught of Tim Storey produced edits which are currently flooding the BMX interwebs.

It features a bunch of hot young boys riding their bikes in weird and wonderful ways and taking things very, very seriously.

While all the swag fuck boys are in England riding bitch ass flat rails and yelling and screaming and carrying on, the rest of the world continues to do their thing, especially down under in dry ass Australia.

These dudes know how to do BMX and are seriously awesome to hang out with, psyched on them keeping the stoke alive. Keep BMX weird.

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