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We’re proud of the fact that it’s coming up 10 years since this Crispy thing started, with the site still active, 3 x DVDs on the shelf, a dick load of web edits, a bunch of tee shirts including collabs with Chronic Bone and Dishonour, posters, stickers and most importantly, memories. It’s not easy to keep things moving with working fulltime, before you even start to consider the other projects being worked on in the BMX realm. But with a heavy passion and a concentrated focus, shit rolls forward.

The same passion and focus is shared by a crew of fellas from Perth. Associated with the core BMX store in the west, Local BMX and headed up by Callan Stibbards, the dudes are deep as fuck into their 2nd full length release. Primed to be released later this year, the project follows their most recent effort ‘Just A Game’, which featured a tonne of gnarly riding from a bunch of dudes which deserve more attention.

Given the looming release, I decided to hit up Callan to see what he has to say about the project.

Take a read my friends, all shots by Jake Corless.


What’s good man, where do you find yourself and what’s been happening of late?

What’s good? Well lately my interest in riding and filming has been at an all time high. Which is sick but the weather has been so up and down that it is making it hard to get a decent ride in. Plus I work 5-6 days a week so it leaves minimum time to get out and about.

It’s been a couple years since your last film ‘Just a Game’ was released, following on a long tradition of Perth BMX crew documentation. The rumours are that the next film is not far off, what can you tell us about another film?

Yeah it was a while haha I always forget how long ago the last prem party was. With the new film you can probably expect the same old editing and a couple of the same riders. It’s got full parts from Jake Corless, Tom Roddy, Luke Snelling, Luke Cridland, myself, a split part with Dylan Mathews and Filipe Costa Laghi, (our Brazilian friend) with a few friend mixes as well.  Not much to it really just a build up of footage thrown together so we can have another party I guess haha


What’s your approach coming into such a long project like this, are you planning shit from the start or is it just a whatever kind of happens type deal?

Yeah it always kinda creeps up on me when it come to footage and creating a film. Most of the time I’m messing around with songs after a few clips have been filmed and then other times I won’t touch final cut for about two months or so. Roddy, Jake and myself always had planned on doing something like ‘Just A Game’ again but a little more laid back.

Working full time and filming a video with dudes who also work full time is a tough gig. How do you make it work?

I don’t even think there are any week day clips in this movie it’s just too hard for me after work to get home and get my gear and head out it’s usually too late. Weekends are where it’s at but even then they are hard because of work and other commitments. Trying to get the boys keen to film stuff is definitely the hardest thing for me even when it’s a beautiful day no one ever knows where they want to ride or what area they want to check out. We always end up at a skatepark usually which doesn’t really bother me cause that’s really the only time I get to ride.


Music, for me anyway, is equally as important to a good film as the riding. How do you find music and how do you decide which tracks to use?

I love music and am always on the look out for new music. Especially with local radio stations and Soundcloud.

Finding the right song is always hard when it come to editing for me usually because I’m not really that good at editing so when I hear a good song and all these ideas come into my head about how it would go with footage, I struggle when I try putting it all onto a timeline. I like when the boys know what song they want or like the song I choose. That usually helps bring something together a bit quicker when I know it’s the one we are using.

Any stories you want to share from the filming experience so far?

Not really apart from the odd crazy security guard and the complete opposite legend who lets you ride the spot with no hassles. It kinda feels like this film has happened super quick  but it’s been ages haha.


You recently released a web video, which assumedly contains clips that won’t be used for your part. That’s pretty fucked up given how gnarly it was. Care to comment?

Well that left over stuff was pretty much shit I filmed recently that I didn’t really like too much. Apart from the backie haha! Yeah so my part was done well before all those clips where filmed. Mike from local was on my back to put some content out so he could try and organise some stuff from BMX International for me. So I threw it together one night. Definitely pretty happy with it

When can we expect to see it and how will it be released?

I’m hoping for end of November to have the prem. But with work lately I have barely even sat down at my computer in a couple weeks. It will be DVD form first and then hopefully a digital copy as well if I can figure out how to do it haha!


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