Corless Bruh

comments . . 17/09/2018

The dude.

Corless just had his 2018 nug premiered on DIG over the weekend (with an interview to boot), pretty psyched on that. Pieced together (and filmed) by Callan, this shit is smooth – but you already knew that. Badass John Lennon track set to a mix of gnarly one bangs and smooth tech, just wonderful for the senses. The kind of video you wish went for longer – always a good thing.

The couple clips at 1.50 were delicious, not to mention the general spot usage throughout the whole piece, top quality. Psyched to see he pulled that last kinker too, that was a battle.

This shit was also premiered at Local BMX in coordination with a jam at the local Fremantle spot. Shouts to Mike for being down to support this shit. As you can see, Liiv made the trip over to say g’day.


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