comments . . 19/04/2018

It is a suburb/region of Brisbane’s easternmost suburbs, a once undeveloped marshland full of mosquitos and mangroves, now populated by the lower socio-economic demographic,¬† containing sprawling low density residential bordered by large scale infrastructure and industry. It has limited public transport, thus no connection to the wider Brisbane area, which results in the younger generation being bored and resorting to drugs, crime and other anti-social behaviours. You get my drift?

Why anyone would want to use this as a means of identity, a reason to be proud of, I do not know. But that is exactly what the CLVLND dudes have done, god bless their aspirational souls. Spearheaded by a domineering and tyrannical leader (Tim Storey), who has managed to brainwash and prey upon a number of other more younger, malleable types, the CLVLND crew is a mish mash of misfits, despairing types with limited direction, yearning for something meaningful, a means to escape their gloomy homeland.

Somehow, the boys managed to get funding to make their way to New Zealand, a much nicer place, to ride their bikes and have a little fun. They paid for a number of other guys to come along to fill out the bus, which is cute.

Anyway, months and months after the trip, once their dial up broadband had relented, Tim Storey was able to throw together this video from their travels. It features lots of young boys doing dangerous things on their bicycles.

Nah, fo real, this shit is tight.

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