Clip Of The Week: Wilson – The Dirty Sniff

comments . . 28/06/2018

Fucking ay.

Coming in hot, loose and jangly, and once again showing all you fuck boys how BMX is done properly. Jay Wilson, such a gem of Australian BMX, and damn it makes me psyched to see him getting some hype for Australia. The type of emblem you want for your country ya know, like your fosters, BBQs, slang and thongs – an authentic mix of raw, real deal, down to earth dirty hessian.

In typical Bonedeth fashion, this is no frills, quick cuts, no b-sides, fast paced biking. As such, you really need to give it a few watches to let it all sink in, there is a lot packed into this. Highlights:

– Big bank to bank 360 with what is probably a thinner run out than the clip reveals

– Roof to rail obviously

– First clip, table off the roof was dope

– One footed tooth hang is sick, but I reckon it’s probably way harder than you can imagine, not having full pressure on your bike.

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