Clip of the Week: Tropical Fuck Storm by Flagz

comments . . 01/02/2018

Bit of a shake up with the usual clip of the week selection.

Non-BMX related, this time I’m focussing on a recently released music video from Melbourne’s Tropical Fuck Storm. I guess the most obvious thing to point out about TFS is their frontman Gareth Liddiard, also of The Drones. I get the feeling that he is a bit of a ledge among the Melbourne scene, if not across Australia, for his raw lyricism, no bullshit demeanour and support for local music.

Anyway, I’m going somewhere with all of this. The fucking sick thing about this video is that ya mate Flagz of Defero Productions fame, produced the thing. Following in that Spike Jonze path, stoked to see man. Such a sick thing to be able to take your skills from filming/editing BMX and taking it elsewhere.

As most music videos are these days, it’s ambiguous as fuck.

“And a child was mauled by bull ants
Outside the Highpoint Shopping Centre
While a Toorak tractor benefact
Bit down on her placenta
And an army surplus loner
Combed the outskirts of parole
But it’s raining in Victoria
So that shit’s under control”

Album out later this year. Catch them live if you can, Aussie music at its finest.

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