Clip Of The Week: LSD Riders

comments . . 30/10/2017

Holy guacamole.

Jerry showed me this a little while ago and I was, as you will be, blown away. This is like, as the title suggests, Criminal Mischief on LSD.

Mayhem and hijinks upon mayhem and hijinks, from what appears to be the early to mid 2000s, i.e. the glory era of BMX, from a bunch of American dudes. There is definitely more non-riding, than riding in this, which is pretty awesome. It’s like these guys are primarily about getting fucked up and fucking shit up, with riding thrown in as a hobby to the side. There is also a crazy amount of gnarly crashes, mind blowing how many dudes in here get romped.

One dude lights his hair on fire, like multiple times, just loves it. On ya man.

I recommend you watch this.

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