Clip of the Week: Jeff K 2014 Cut

comments . . 21/12/2017

Kinda slept on this dude the last while, shame on me.

This dude reeks of core mid west America 2000s vibes, put in the spotlight and to my attention through a number of Props, and then subsequent web edits once the internet made its presence known. Always used to love how smooth he was, and that he doesn’t over do shit, just does classic shit, and does it well.

I think I like the below edit so much, not only for the riding, but because this was from when Malouf was in his prime. VX fish, what looks to be a HD long, with that lovely slight desaturation and vignette combo. Such a sick filmer.

I didn’t actually remember this, but turns out the dude has made some videos as well. Read a 2013 Defgrip interview with him here. Sus the below section from said video:


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