Clip of the Week: Jake Corless

comments . . 30/05/2017

Yeah so this has been kicking around the clouds for a little while now, with DIG premiering the video last week. It’s a straight up style bible, I mean you got John 4:3 raving about Jake’s ability to make somewhat ordinary spots be utilised to their best potential to extract every last inch of smooth, unadulterated, glistening sophistication.

This is almost the exact opposite of how I ride, everything is done to perfection and with a hint of grace. It’s a beauty to watch. A good example would be the line at 1.18, you got a perfect complete 360 from a feeble off what is ultimately a pretty low ledge, then a textbook feeble to smith 180 with the composed half cab.

And yeah, the song matches the riding perfectly. If you were to try and describe Jake’s riding through song, you would offer up this bluesy, cruising little number.

So that should give you an idea as to what to expect. Mother fucking moses would open oceans for this shit.

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