Clip of the Week: Heath Kirchart ‘Epicly Later’d’

comments . . 20/09/2017

This popped up on the youtube side bar last night and I thought fuck it, the ‘epicly later’d’ series are usually pretty dope and I remember this dudes name from the Alien Workshop ‘Mindfield’ video. So why not?

I can say with clear confidence that I was intently reeled into this for the entire 40 minutes and was left feeling incredibly inspired and connected to this dude. This is what we need to see more in BMX, more stories and more genuinely interesting people. I mean I’m sure there are dudes out there like this, but they’re usually the ones that stay away from the limelight. This piece is amazing because the dude really opened up and gave some superbly frank insights into his past as a pro skater and his motivations going forward.

Props to everyone involved in the making of this. I really felt it.


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