Clip of the Week: G Shit – Tiny

comments . . 14/02/2018

Yeah Tiny.

So pumped to see this pop up on DIG, have heard that this was coming now so it’s fucking awesome to see what the little dude has been up to over the last while. Also sick that this includes clips from the dudes recent trip to NZ, that fresh shit.

As you would already know, Tiny has that authentic east coast steeze, looking completely at home on the bike, and rolling out of shit with a graceful swagger. This video does well to cement that trait. Psyched on so much shit in this, from the tooth hang nose bonk to some big old steep honkys and hefty roof drops. Line at 1.48 was so tight too, simple shit, done real well, with that open button up flapping about.

Love seeing one of the boys go in for a part, took a few good diggers on that Moorooka rail ice didn’t ya mate. Also really cool to see a bunch of new spots that were definitely not familiar to me.

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