Clip of the Week: Chase Dehart x CULT

comments . . 09/06/2017

I don’t care what you say about Chase Dehart, this shit further cements the dude as a living legend and a stalwart of the modern BMX movement, despite not being an obvious choice (in comparison to Garrett, Nathan, Dak etc). I like that he doesn’t do the craziest, most progressive shit, he does his own thing and does it GOOD. That’s sick.

The word that continues to come to mind to describe this video is ‘classic’. Everything about this is classic, but most of all his style and how he applies that to archetypal Chase D spots. Butter.

And then yeah, also super cool that he has been around for so long and continues to up the ante, all while apparently having a kid to deal with.

How crazy would it feel to have kids emulating your style, all the way down to how you dress. Testament to the influence of Chase D.

Case in point.

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